About us

SYK Cosmetics is a boutique cosmetics company based out of Los Angeles, CA. We have a persistent drive to deliver some of the highest quality cosmetics products on the market. We are always on the hunt for the hottest styles and shades to help you stick out from the crowd.

Here at SYK Cosmetics, we have a wide array of lipsticks. We believe in the influence of lipstick- it has potential to turn your jaded, dreary day into a fabulous one!

Fashion and beauty choices might change but our promise to keep customers satisfied doesn't.

Our lipsticks are carefuly formulated to go on smooth, last longer than other brands, and haveĀ a refreshing peppermint scent, all while delivering a bold matte look.

Our line of lipstick is formulated with pure ingredients sourced locally. Our lip products are all vegan, and are paraben free. Our entire product line is proudly cruelty free. Every product is developed carefully and made in the USA.